MYSWIM: Outdoor Social Swimming with Sue Woodcock & Deb Vine.


27-06-2023 • 46分

In this episode we take a deep dive into the world of outdoor social swimming – a thrilling and fulfilling way to swim outside with friends. But why is it so popular? What are the benefits? And how can you join in on the fun? We've got all the answers you need, thanks to our special guests who embody the social and selfless spirit of the swimming community. We'll explore their personal journeys, uncover their motivations, and discover the most important aspects of their social swimming experiences. So tune in and get ready to be inspired to take the plunge yourself!

For hundreds of years, swimming has been recognised as a therapeutic activity for physical ailments, but it's only recently that the mental health benefits of being part of a community have been understood.

We've got two amazing guests - Sue Woodcock and Debbie Vine - who for me embody the positive energy and enthusiasm of this type of swimming. Their love of the water is matched only by their passion for supporting others in their outdoor swimming adventures.

We explore:

·       Their backgrounds and journey from learn to swim through to current love of swimming? & What inspired them to start outdoor social swimming

·       Social swimming is wide ranging and means so many things to different people. Why do they think outdoor swimming is becoming so popular and why is it so special to them.

·       How do it make them feel? & What have been some of the most memorable experiences they’ve had while swimming outdoors

·       Who do they think it’s for Or Anyone its not appropriate for

· What are the benefits of outdoor social swimming?

·       What are the benefits of swimming in the winter?

· What do they think are the most common misconceptions about outdoor swimming?

· What do they think are some of the most important pieces of equipment for outdoor swimming?

·       How do they prepare for any outdoor swim?

·       What should you wear? Are woolly hats compulsory?!

·       When can you do outdoor swimming? When is the best time to swim? What is the temperature at this time?

·       How do people find places to swim?

· What are some of the challenges they’ve faced while swimming outdoors?

· What do they think are the most important safety precautions to take when swimming outdoors?

·       Where would be their ideal place to swim? Anywhere in the world and why?

·       If they could swim with anyone famous from anytime, who would they choose for their perfect swim?

·       How does someone find out about groups and where to swim? (UK and abroad?)

o   Here are the names and website addresses of some top outdoor swimming societies in some regions around the world:

  • o North America:
  • §  United States Masters Swimming (
  • §  Outdoor Swimmer Society (
  • §  Wild Swimming USA (
  • o Europe:
  • §  Outdoor Swimming Society (
  • §  Serpentine Swimming Club (
  • §  The Outdoor Swimming Society UK (
  • o Asia:
  • §  Hong Kong Open Water Swimming Association (https://hkoswi