Bonus: Welcome to The Sport Social (Lauren Jackson + Cody Simpson)

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25-10-2022 • 42分

Hi All that Glitters listeners,

I'm dropping this episode of The Sport Social into your feed as it's all about athletes that 'retired'....and then came back (something I know a little bit about).

The Sport Social is a weekly podcast I do with Georgie Trickett (my sister-in-law), a self-described jack of all sports (softball, running, snow sports, even javelin), at a less Olympic, more amateur level.

In each episode, we talk about the week in sport (but you'll rarely hear a score), interview athletes or sports experts about something interesting, and round it out with some grassroots sporting gold or a recommendation.

If you like what you hear, head on over to The Sport Social and check it out!


Producer Jase is away on his honeymoon, and while he said we could try and record our normal weekly episode ourselves, we all agreed that the likelihood of us mucking something up was HIGH.

So that we could keep delivering some relevant sports chat, we’ve called up two exceptional athletes, Lauren Jackson and Cody Simpson, to talk to them about their respective comebacks to basketball and swimming in 2022.  Even if you’ve never heard of Cody or watched Lauren, we think you’ll love these stories.

Back in 2021, Australian basketball legend Lauren Jackson started returning to the gym, just to get fit and healthy. She started shooting some hoops with her best friend and decided it would be fun to play for Albury (the local team she’d always wanted to play for). And then she had a look at the fitness requirements for the national squad and she was fit enough to meet some of them. You know where this is going. But what she didn’t expect was how much she would re-live the pain of her first retirement and how important that process was.

In 2009,  Cody Simpson walked away from junior swimming to go and live out his music dreams. Regarded by greats such as Ben Harper as “one of the guitarists of his generation”, by 2019 Cody couldn’t shake the feeling that he was meant to swim. Knowing that music was for a lifetime, he started training again to see what he could achieve. And while there’s a drive to succeed in arenas like the Commonwealth and Olympic Games, he’s found that purity of sport that was missing from music. We can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Show Notes:

Lauren Jackson: @laurenelizabethjackson

Cody Simpson: @codysimpson

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