Jelena Dokic

All That Glitters

13-12-2022 • 53分

As a refugee who grew up in relative poverty, Jelena Dokic figured out that not only did she love tennis, she was really good at it. Tragically for Jelena, as her career took off, so did the abuse from her father. Despite reaching a #4 world ranking, and seemingly on a career high, in the background her father was mentally  and physically abusing her.

At 29 years of age, Jelena was forced to retire due to injury. Almost overnight, life became so different and the thing that was so wrapped up in her identity - playing tennis - was gone. Jelena didn’t know what she wanted to do or what she was good at, but she knew tennis, in some form, still needed to be part of her life.

Inspirational is a term that is frequently overused, but in this instance it is absolutely relevant. To have endured the level of trauma that she did and rise to the top of her sport, and then transition to a successful career in commentary, is amazing. But to then relive her trauma to educate the public about family violence, and to provide sporting commentary that is informed by her trauma, is incredibly generous and nothing short of inspirational.

Libby x

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*Please note that this episode discusses family violence. If this raises any concerns for you, please seek help at 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732).

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