Welcome to Learn Build Teach!

Learn Build Teach

03-08-2023 • 32分

Welcome to the Learn Build Teach! I'm Kyle Ackerman the Co-Owner of Saturn's Ring and I wanted to have this podcast as a resource for those wanting to get into content creation.

All walks of life are welcome, I started this show to give the new generation of creatives confidence and pointers on what they could do in their own journey.

I only speak from experience in the content we've put out online and my current philosophy on my personal path is becoming a value creator in the sea of digital agencies. An agency was not for me, I've thrived much more with a tight team and currently create content exclusively to help others and especially the "younger versions of me."

In this welcome episode, I talk about my roots in becoming interested in media. Rhythm games, destroying family laptops, and being on the school news shaped my trajectory to becoming a professional fresh out of high school.

Contact: saturnsring.biz@gmail.com

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