S2E5. Writing Dark Stuff (Or, There's No Substitute For Going to School)

The Fanfic Writers' Craft

17-03-2023 • 1時間 7分

In this episode, Jo (@pebblysand) and Lani (@copper-dust) talk about writing dark stuff. Topics that involve wars, deaths, assaults, and all those very nice things that often give rise to trigger-warnings. They discuss why writers are drawn to tackling these issues, the cathartic experience of writing and/or reading through trauma, and the boundaries they may set for themselves when they write their stories. They also touch on trigger-warnings themselves (when and how to use them), and on the ethics of writing in the darker corners of storytelling. While they do not discuss anything that is explicit, this episode obviously contains discussions of certain sensitive subjects so if you do not wish to listen to this episode, please don’t hesitate to pass.

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