S2E2. Outgrowing Fandoms (Or, The Harry Episode)

The Fanfic Writers' Craft

03-02-2023 • 52分

In this episode, Jo (@pebblysand) and Lani (@copper-dust) talk about outgrowing fandoms. More specifically, about a Tumblr post by the writer @annerbhp regarding her vision of what it means to “outgrow” (or not) a fic or a fandom, and the relationship we might have had with it. Lani and Jo discuss what makes them obsessed with a particular piece of media enough to write about it, but also what makes them fall out of love with certain source materials. They chat about the differences between writing fanfic and interacting with the wider fandom, and give advice as to what to do when your fandom friends develop different obsessions from you.

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