S2E10. Reader-Inserts with @word-wytch (Or, POV: You're Dating Eddie Munson)

The Fanfic Writers' Craft

26-05-2023 • 51分

In this episode, Jo (@pebblysand) and her guest, @word-wytch, talk about reader-insert fanfiction. If you don’t already know, reader-insert fanfiction is a type of fanfiction which allows readers to become characters in the story and often explore romantic scenarios with their favourite characters. They talk about the growing popularity of reader-insert fanfictions and about the different levels of character-building involved in creating “reader” characters. They discuss how the readers' desires and expectations are balanced with the writer's ideas and the challenges of satisfying readers while maintaining the writer's own vision. @word-wytch also shares her experience writing a reader-insert fic in the Stranger Things fandom and how she developed her reader character to create a compelling story. We hope you enjoy.

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