2.16 Top Lyne Maple Leafs - Team Rocket Richard

The Top Lyne Podcast

19-01-2024 • 40分

🎙️ Prepare for trouble, and make it double in this episode of Top Lyne Maple Leafs!

Brady is getting heated as the boys get into the three game skid for the Leafs and how the defensive structure has been eroding during this run. What’s been dragging the team down? Is this just a bad run or are there deeper issues at play?

Then, Brady blows up when the topic of Mitch Marner’s next contract comes up and the potential of a $13 million dollar price tag 🤯

Trade strategies, home vs away record, and blown calls are all on the menu today.

As always, we break down the games from last week and finish off the show prognosticating the results for the week ahead.

Join us for expert analysis, candid discussions, and the latest insights on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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