Elevating Humanity: The Legacy of Food for Life Global with Paul Rodney Turner

The Creative Solutions Podcast

30-10-2023 • 46分

Serving with Purpose: The Sustainable Vision of Food Yogi Paul Rodney Turner Learn how Food for Life Global has become a beacon of hope and sustenance for millions worldwide.

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Paul Rodney Turner, the founder of Food for Life Global, has dedicated his life to the compassionate cause of feeding the world's most vulnerable populations. Born in Sydney, Australia, Turner's innate humanitarian spirit led him to become a devout monk from the age of 19 until 33. This spiritual foundation transformed his vision of service, inspiring him to establish Food for Life Global in 1995. Turner, also known as the "Food Yogi," authentically exemplifies the organization's values, promoting a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. A prolific author, he has written six books, including “SOUL POWER” and "FOOD YOGA," offering practical wisdom on food, health, and spirituality.

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