Episode 3: Karate Culture (Aaron Garcia and Michael Nguyen)

The Martial Way Podcast

20-11-2017 • 48分

Karate Culture (Aaron Garcia and Michael Nguyen). Two guys on a mission to bring karate back to relevancy.

They're black belts in Shorin-Ryu but like to represent Okinawan Karate as a whole, and really making a name for themselves by bringing realistic application back into karate. Kata. Throws. Submissions. Strikes. Ground Combatives. Hard Body Conditioning. No egos, no competitions, just pure applications. They're here to bring karate back to reality.

They were in town recently for their first Canadian seminar, hosted by Prodigy Martial Arts, in Mississauga, ON., under Sensei Ryan Shields. Big thanks to Ryan for allowing me to catch the very end of the seminar and arrange this conversation! Osu!

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