JVS Author Spotlight - Levin, Siracuse and Shao

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06-08-2023 • 34分

Audible Bleeding editor Wen (@WenKawaji) is joined by 5th year integrated vascular surgery resident Kaitlyn (@DunphyKaitlyn), JVS Assistant Editor Dr. Paul Dimuzio (@pdimuziomd) and JVS-VL assistant editor Dr. Dua (@AnahitaDua) to discuss two great articles in the JVS family of journals regarding Post-operative stroke risk after carotid endarterectomy and use of Varithena in treating venous leg ulcers. This episode hosts Dr. Levin, Dr. Siracuse and Dr. Shao, the authors of the following papers:


  • Postoperative disability and one-year outcomes for patients suffering a stroke after carotid endarterectomy by Levin et al.
  • VIEW-VLU observational study of the effect of Varithena on wound healing in the treatment of venous leg ulcers by Shao et al.

Show Guests:

  • Dr. Siracuse- Professor of surgery and radiology at Boston University

  • Dr. Shao—vascular surgeon at Swedish hospital, Northshore University Healthsystem in Chicago, IL

  • Dr. Levin—plastic and reconstructive surgery fellow at the University of California Davis

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