A story of Saturn: telling the truth of my Soul

The Natural Wisdom Podcast

06-01-2023 • 45分

My friend and colleague, Belinda Noakes, and I switched it up in this episode: she interviewed me about my Saturn reclamation story. The planet Saturn in astrology represents manifestation, achievement, authority, and karma. When we are out of alignment with ourselves, or living according to external rules, Saturn lets us know. I imagine many others will recognize themselves in the disappointment, burnout and discomfort of living life according to 'should', 'could', and external measures of success.

Belinda and I also talked about our parallel journeys of the past dozen years - leaving corporate positions; traveling in India; pursuing enlightenment; and, finally, meeting for the first time at a very different kind of spiritual retreat right here in Montana.

In the final moments of the episode, I shared the magical results of my Saturn journey so far.

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