Sound in Nature Lite


自然や生活の中にある音をお届けします。 ニッポンの自然の音、風物の音をお楽しみください。自然がもたらす優しい音、壮大な音。季節を感じる音。心のリフレッシュ、癒されるひと時がここにあります。 エピソード豊富で、ロングバージョンのある有料版「Sound in Nature」もあります。 We will deliver the sounds that are in nature and life. Please enjoy the sounds of nature and the sounds of landscape in Japan. Gentle sounds brought by nature, magnificent sounds. The sound of the seasons. Here is a time to refresh and heal your mind. There is also a paid version of "Sound in Nature," which is rich in episodes and has a long version. (Apple podcast only) read less