Episode 63 Saturday in Paris with The Tattoo Quilter Christopher Thompson

Make and Design with Carina Gardner

10-11-2021 • 16分

Today’s episode of Make + Design features guest star Christopher Thompson, an amazing fabric designer who works as the Director of Product Marketing at Riley Blake Designs. Christopher and Carina share stories about growing up working on tie quilts with their families. Join us for Christopher’s wonderful stories and insights into his new fabric line at Riley Blake, Saturday in Paris.


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About Carina Gardner:

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About Today’s Guest

Christopher Thompson was a fashion designer in New York City when he discovered the modern quitting movement. His decision to lean in to the movement has led to publications in QuiltCon, Modern Patchwork, among others. He is currently the Director of Product Marketing for Riley Blake Designs, for whom he designs wonderful, bold fabrics. You can find his work at www.thetattooedquilter.com.