Serious Business That’s Fun


31-10-2023 • 31分

Business is a serious business, but it can also be fun, and it should be.  Life’s too short to not have a good time doing what you do to earn a living.  For Jonathan Hartenstein that means having fun building relationships that turn into friendships that translate to sales.  You see, JR, as he is known to his many friends, is a real estate broker at the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri’s heaven on earth.  Through his outbound and inbound marketing efforts, JR attracts people to him who are looking to invest in property or move to the lake.

JR has been living at the lake for nearly 50 years, and he specializes in luxury homes, condos and building sites. Needless to say, JR knows the lake inside and out and he understands how to market, both his business and the properties he represents, and many are pretty darn impressive.  Listen in as we discuss the multitude of opportunities that are exploding at the lake, the marketing techniques JR uses to attract new clients to his real estate business and why you might consider investing there.