Former Spurs owner pleads guilty to insider trading, Jurgen Klopp to leave Liverpool

The Price of Football

29-01-2024 • 1時間 9分

Kevin and Kieran find out why the former Spurs owner Joe Lewis has pleaded guilty to a number of criminal charges in the US, and discuss the news that Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool at the end of the season with two years left on his contract. COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: - Joe Lewis - Jurgen Klopp - Bram van Polen - Canadian Premier League - QPR - Multi-club ownership - VAR - Administration penalties - Stadium locations - Number of fans required to be sustainable Follow Kevin on X - @kevinhunterday Follow Kieran on X - @KieranMaguire Follow Producer Guy on X - @guykilty Follow The Price of Football on X - @pof_pod Support The Price of Football on Patreon: Check out the Price of Football merchandise store: Visit the website: The Price of Football is a Dap Dip production: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit