Viaplay and the Premier League, hybrid contracts

The Price of Football

15-01-2024 • 47分

Kevin and Kieran take a look at Viaplay and whether they could be a future player in the battle for Premier League TV rights, and discuss hybrid contracts like player-coach. COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: - Viaplay - Financial sustainability in football - Players' say over contract extensions - 3pm blackout - Failure to pay wages - Cost of relegation - Hybrid contracts like player/coach Follow Kevin on X - @kevinhunterday Follow Kieran on X - @KieranMaguire Follow Producer Guy on X - @guykilty Follow The Price of Football on X - @pof_pod Support The Price of Football on Patreon: Check out the Price of Football merchandise store: Visit the website: The Price of Football is a Dap Dip production: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit