Social Entrepreneurship and Social Media with Heide Rembold

The Corporate Purpose Podcast

29-08-2022 • 22分

Heide Rembold is a Columbus, Ohio-based social entrepreneur. She is the founder of Conscious Columbus, where she will soon be launching the 2022 Conscious Compass. The Compass is a directory of social enterprises, micro-businesses and non-profits who are committed to doing business for good. She is also the founder of Juniper Consulting and provides social media, copywriting and marketing support to purpose-driven companies.

In this episode, Heide talks about her bigger vision for the Conscious Compass and lessons she has learned along the way. The Conscious Compass will launch in mid-September. You can find it online here.

Heide and Karen also discuss launching Juniper Consulting and Heide's work as a social media consultant for purpose-led organizations. They discuss their conflicting feelings about social media and the value purpose-led companies offer by bringing positive content into the community. Heide also shares tips and advice for achieving success with social media and why we should look at our social presence as one piece of a larger strategy. They also talk about how social media platforms are moving from social networking to discovery and how to adapt our social media programs.

You can find Heide at Conscious Columbus and on social media at Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Or, you can find her online at Juniper Consulting and on social media at Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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