The Art of Listening

The Corporate Purpose Podcast

18-10-2021 • 11分

We've talked quite a bit on the podcast about clarity and communication, but haven't yet discussed the importance of listening. So, this week, we're devoting an entire episode to listening. Listening to leaders in and outside of our companies to gain that clarity we need to define our corporate purpose. Listening to employees, customers and partners to shape our business strategy and to meet the changing expectations they have for brands today. And, finally, listening to identify and let go of what no longer aligns with our purpose.

We also spend time exploring the 'unfreezing effect' occurring in most businesses today. Karen explains what is the 'unfreezing effect', what it means for our organizations and how listening may be the key to successfully navigating through this time of change. You can read the full article from McKinsey & Company referenced in the episode: here.

Karen also mentions an interview with Dr. Kathleen Williamson, President and Academic Dean of the Mount Carmel College of Nursing on the show. During Karen's conversation earlier this year with Dr. Williamson, she shared some great advice about embracing change and letting go:

“Letting go allows you to move on. In our case, we had to let go of how we were used to doing things and embrace new, better and more innovative ideas. Many of which are changing us for the better.” - Dr. Kathleen Williamson

You can find the entire interview here:

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