Relationship-building and Risk-taking with Stephanie Hanna

The Corporate Purpose Podcast

12-09-2022 • 30分

Stephanie Hanna is the founder of The Other 85 and co-host of the Capture Your Confidence podcast. In this episode, we talk about purpose-driven leadership and the power of relationship building.

Looking for a job at the peak of the 2008 recession in a new city, Stephanie learned quickly cold applications weren't going to cut it. So, she shifted her strategy to networking and community service. This approach worked. Later, it became the foundation for The Other 85 and ultimately building a business coaching other attorneys and business leaders on the power of networking and relationship-building.

In the episode, Stephanie also talks about building confidence, trying new things and why she doesn't take things personally. She even shares a great story about what happened when only one person attended a webinar she was co-hosting. Stephanie offers tips and stories designed to help women push through their fears and build confidence on the Capture Your Confidence podcast.

To connect with Stephanie Hanna, you can email her at or find her on LinkedIn or Instagram. You can also learn more about The State of Women Conference, here.

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