The State of Hiring with Evan Sohn

The Corporate Purpose Podcast

07-02-2022 • 36分

Evan Sohn is the chairman and CEO of (NASDAQ: RCRT) and speaks to the current trends transforming the hiring the process today. Evan joins the podcast to share a State of the Current Hiring landscape and addresses:

  • Changing candidate priorities [11:50]
  • Work from anywhere [12:53]
  • The effects of the Gig Economy [14:30]
  • The 'Job Hopper' economy [15:45]
  • Advice for companies hiring right now, including tips for how to transform your interview process [16:50]
  • Culture and connectedness [20:20]
  • Decision-making [24:15]
  • The Ira Sohn Conference Foundation [28:55]

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