The Evolving Role of the Independent Rep with Jason Levy

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25-09-2023 • 39分

Join Sid for a heartfelt and thought-provoking conversation about the evolving role of the independent rep with Jason Levy, a veteran in the office furniture industry. Jason's journey is a compelling tale of resilience and adaptability - from being a culinary student to stepping up to the demands of the family business after his mother's cancer diagnosis. You'll hear his profound insights into the shifting business landscape, his creative marketing strategies, and why he believes building sincere and engaging relationships within the A&D community is essential.

Jason also opens up about his inventive approach to marketing. Wondering how cupcakes, donuts, and his last name fit into his business strategy? You're in for a fascinating set of ideas. He'll also talk about the value of making connections at real-life events and his digital engagement tactics that have helped him grow in an industry that has seen many changes, especially amidst the pandemic.

Get ready to tune in to an episode that's more than just office furniture talk. Jason's passion for Apple products, his belief in the importance of reading physical books to his children, and his insightful thoughts on the blurring lines between residential and commercial industries offer an engaging mix of personal anecdotes and professional advice. Whether you're in the furniture industry or not, Jason's story is sure to inspire, educate, and entertain.

In this episode:

[00:00] Learn all about Jason Levy and his experience in the office furniture industry.

[09:27] Customer-Centric Tools in Business

[21:31] Marketing Strategies for A&D Community

[31:21] Leveraging Digital Platforms to Grow

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