The Future of Showrooms with Karli Slocum of 3form

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20-02-2023 • 45分

Social media and other digital marketing tools play a significant role in the commercial interiors industry. By developing a key strategy to show up for our audience with authentic content on social media, we can interact with our customers and generate engagement for our businesses.

While social media can allow us to show our personality and how we can solve our customers' problems, we weren’t quite using technology to its full potential until 3form broke the ceiling with the digital showroom.

Most traditional showrooms only give you the opportunity to show a very limited scope of what your business is capable of in a very controlled space. A virtual showroom provides us unlimited access to life-like, interchangeable, to-scale pieces in a beautiful environment.

Karli Slocum speaks about the benefits of offering your audience the opportunity to essentially shop for themselves with access to pricing. The virtual showroom at 3form allows them to market their most recent roll-outs and the dynamic applications they can have.

The freedom and flexibility that the digital showroom brings to our industry are cutting-edge and are paving the way for technology to help us level up our businesses. Listen in to hear more about different digital marketing techniques and how you can still build a relationship with your audience while using technology to its full potential.

In this episode:

[01:39] Welcome to the show, Karli Slocum!

[02:20] Karli’s background in marketing and how she is bringing digital technology into the commercial interiors world.

[04:48] The reason a digital strategy is essential.

[10:00] Short-form video can drive a great amount of engagement for your business.

[13:32] The benefits of the virtual showroom at 3form.

[18:39] How the virtual showroom came to life and how it works for their customers.

[21:48] Bringing ease and flexibility to your customers with the virtual showroom.

[28:28] Customers can shop by price and lead time by accessing your inventory.

[29:45] Authenticity and personalization are key to lead generation.

[37:19] A virtual tool is not a one size fits all strategy for every company and its customers.

[40:42] The future of 3form’s digital journey.

[43:36] How to get in touch with Karli at 3form.

[44:44] Thanks for listening!

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