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14-11-2022 • 33分

There is a dirty little secret in the contract interiors industry and it is how much waste our industry contributes to landfills. Over 50% of landfill waste comes from building materials or used furniture from office spaces. 98% of all furniture that is manufactured for contract interiors is destined for a landfill.

These are insane statistics that demand a serious shift in our industry and there is one person with an amazing vision who is bringing a new perspective to repurposing office furniture for the greater good of the environment.

In this episode, I speak with Brandi Susewitz founder of RESEAT, the first online marketplace for second-life office furniture. The start-up of this genius tech company has paved the way for a more sustainable way to source office furniture by having dealers across the united states who help with the buying, selling, and warehousing of office furniture.

Listen in to hear about how Brandi took herself from being laid off during the pandemic to the Owner and CEO of a booming tech startup that is making huge wins for the planet and leading the way for environmental sustainability of the contract interiors industry.

In this episode:

[01:39] Welcome back to the show, Brandi!
[03:48] Brandi Susewitz’s background and business inspiration.
[04:55] Time is key when it comes to liquidating office furniture.
[05:55] The environmental problem that RESEAT solves.
[08:43] Having a plan in place for office furniture at the time of purchase can help reduce waste.
[10:35] Dealers across the nation help buyers and sellers move their inventory.
[12:53] How Brandi went from selling a physical product to a booming start-up tech company.
[14:57] The NeoCon Awards that RESEAT has won.
[17:45] The amazing path that Brandi has taken, going from being laid off to worldwide press coverage.
[19:18] Many architectural firms are looking to source secondhand products for existing projects.
[20:35] Partnering with dealers to develop a RESEAT ID for furniture at the time of purchase.
[29:59] If you have a crazy idea, just go for it!
[31:15} How to connect with Brandi.

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Episode 41 - Rethink, Redesign, Repurpose with Brandi Susewitz

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