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17-04-2023 • 37分

Content is all around us, and we are consuming it nearly every second of every day. For those of us who don’t know exactly what content is, it is the concept of sharing original thoughts with a call to action to get consumers to take action in your field of expertise.

Creating quality content allows you to leverage your expertise to build trust in your industry and create content to solve the problems of your consumer. Brian Piper joins me in this episode, and he emphasizes the importance of storytelling in marketing.

Your owned land is the area of content that you have control over, such as your website or your blogs. Your rented land are platforms that you have no control over the data, content, or how it is distributed, such as social media channels.   Your rented land should drive your traffic back to your owned land. And your owned land should provide value outside of selling your product or service.

This episode is full of so much information for you if you are looking to beef up your content to provide value to your audience. Tune in today to get some actionable tips on maximizing your content and your customer experience!

In this episode:

[01:39] Welcome to the show, Brian!
[02:59] How Brian got started in content creation and content marketing.
[06:29] Take the opportunities that life presents you.
[07:39] What is content and how is it used in marketing?
[09:45] Using storytelling for marketing.
[12:31] Solving problems in the office furniture industry through storytelling.
[15:39] The biggest problem as it relates to content in the office furniture industry.
[19:24] What modes are you using to capture your data and leads?
[22:24] Why it is key that you maximize the customer experience on your website.
[27:15] Encouragement for those who may feel intimidated by creating content.
[32:15] Brian’s synopsis of the second edition of Epic Content Marketing and why it is valuable.
[35:05] Final thoughts from Brian about content marketing.
[37:08] Thanks for joining us on this episode of The Trend Report!

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Epic Content Marketing, Second Edition: Break Through the Clutter with a Different Story, Get the Most Out of Your Content, and Build a Community by Joe Pulizzi and Brian Piper

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