The Independent Rep of the Future with Kurtis Michela

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06-03-2023 • 41分

The age of the independent rep is changing. The role that an independent rep played that we were familiar with up to the year 2015 doesn’t really exist anymore. So what does it look like now, in the wave of a digitalized era?

Coming from a background at a tech startup, Kurtis Michela was able to bring a new perspective on how to approach, monitor and track communication, bookkeeping, and sales to maintain relationships with his customers. He stresses the importance of using a CRM software to capture data and information as a key strategy to fuel the growth of the business.

While building relationships poses a challenge in the digital era, it isn’t any less important. The emphasis falls on following up and showing your face when the opportunity arises. And by understanding that other independent representatives aren’t your competition but an opportunity for collaboration and partnership, you can build relationships and help each other to move forward as an industry.

Tune in to this episode to hear more about what the future looks like for the independent rep and how you can leverage technology and relationships to move your business forward as our industry evolves in the face of the digital era.

In this episode:

[01:39] Welcome to the show, Kurtis!

[02:10] Kurtis’s background and the decision to join his family business.

[05:09] The adjustment into the independent representative role and Kurtis’s unique perspective.

[06:47] The outside perspective that allows for industry transformation.

[09:43] What does an independent rep actually do?

[12:44] How independent reps are evolving with the digital transition in the industry.

[17:00] Leveraging technology to meet your customers where they are.

[20:22] Building relationships in the industry when face time is hard to obtain.

[25:36] Using video messages to break the monotony of email communication.

[27:21] The benefit of using video messaging in your business.

[33:59] Innovation is the future of the independent rep.

[40:54] The best way to get in contact with Kurtis.

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