Creating Your Own Path with Matthew Negron, President of Dauphin

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17-07-2023 • 44分

Matthew Negron is the president of Dauphin, a prestigious furniture manufacturer based out of Germany with a focus on ergonomics. Beginning from the position of design engineer and developing his own department, Matthew expanded into project management and catalog build-outs.

Matthew speaks to the benefits of "intrapreneurship" and mentorship and how both of those have provided him with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the industry today. Listen in to hear more about how he is driving change in the contract interiors industry and the big things that can be expected to come from Dauphin in the years to come.

In this episode:
[01:08] Welcome to The Trend Report!
[01:33] Meet my guest, Matthew Negron, and learn about how he got started in the furniture industry.
[04:52] Matthew’s draw to teaching.
[08:47] How Matthew approaches sustainability in his lectures.
[10:13] The history of Dauphin and where it is today.
[15:10] Matthew’s history at Dauphin and how he became one of the youngest presidents in the company’s history.
[21:22] The big takeaways from Matthew’s journey with Dauphin.
[24:18] What lead to Matthew becoming a HiP finalist at NeoCon 2023.
[28:34] The importance that mentorship has played in Matthew’s life and how he pays it forward.
[35:17] We are always growing and evolving as professionals and as people.
[36:03] How Matthew grows and develops while managing everything.
[39:10] What is Matthew reading right now?
[41:05] What is Matthew listening to for education and inspiration?
[42:36] Final thoughts from Matthew.
[43:52] Thanks for joining us today!

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