The OG Furniture Nerd Shares Her Secrets with Dianne Murata

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23-10-2023 • 38分

Ever wondered how a visionary and an integrator can shape the success story of a business? Dianne Murata, the interior designer and founding principal of Kimiko Designs, unravels this intricate balance in our recent podcast episode.

Dianne's impressive journey from a funeral home to establishing Kimiko Designs is testament to her determination and innovative approach. Her mission to usher in sustainability in the furniture industry is as inspiring as it is admirable. Listen in to understand the strength of acknowledging individual capabilities and appreciate the unique culture of the furniture industry.

In a world where remote working has become the cornerstone of professional life, Dianne provides insight into how she built a thriving remote work culture with intention. She brilliantly details the roles she and her business partner, Ginger, undertake as a visionary and an integrator, that have been pivotal in their business growth.

The discussion continues around the concept of work-life integration and how Kimiko's flexible approach enables their team to operate from anywhere. The conversation concludes with a deeper look into sustainability and the shift in perspective from product to problem. Learn how Kimiko Green, with its customer-centric approach, grew from a handful of clients to over a hundred in just two years.

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