Rewind | Ben & Tom Birchall: Winning Together

The TT Podcast

21-07-2023 • 1時間 7分

For our next 'Rewind' of this mini-series we're bringing you a double helping, as Chris and Steve are joined by a dominant force in sidecar racing, Ben and Tom Birchall, in an episode first published in April 2022.

The Birchall brothers take a trip down memory lane looking back from their first TT holidays with the family, to dodging their marshalling dad around the Mountain Course in their debut year.

The winning siblings also talk about the deal Ben made with his boss that allowed him to begin his career as a driver, and waiting for a young Tom to take his place as passenger.

Addressing the lows as well as the highs, with the duo providing a detailed explanation to their 2012 crash that saw them fly off the side of Snaefell Mountain and the quick recovery to take their maiden TT podium.

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