Finding My Ikigai: Learning to Say Y.E.S. to Myself (with Nick Sinclair)

The Menfulness Podcast

10-12-2022 • 1時間 45分

TW - Suicide

CW - Swearing


Today we're talking to Nick Sinclair. Nick is a Public Health Professional and a qualified Counsellor. He's also one of the stars of a new film which raises awareness of suicide called WHY ( brought to us by the wonderful folks at York Ending Stigma (

Nick speaks calmly and honestly about subjects such as suicide, alcohol, social media and counselling. It's a positive conversation but as expected it gets heavy at times, so make sure you consider where your heads at before you get into this one.

We didn't clarify on the recording but Nick's cats are called Cheetarah and Mumm-Ra The Everliving!

For online training on suicide awareness: &

For more on Kev and Scott from Inspired Youth who made the 'WHY' film:

For more on 121 Counselling:

For the Lower My Drinking Quiz:

For help with Alcohol and Drugs in York:

If you're experiencing suicidal thoughts you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 to talk about this - If you're in an emergency and your wellbeing is at risk you should call 999, if you're local to North Yorkshire you can call the NHS Crisis Team on 0800 0516171. These numbers are all open 24/7. There's people out there who care and are trained to for these conversations, please reach out.


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