From Roots to Fruits: My Family, Anxiety and Nature's Cure (with Adam Jones)

The Menfulness Podcast

27-06-2023 • 2時間 21分

Trigger Warning - Poverty/Self Harm/Bereavement/Suicide Content Warning - Swearing Introducing Adam Jones in this huge and brilliant episode! Adam talks about his upbringing, from living in poverty in rural Northumberland, making friends at Leeds Uni into employment, relationships and parenthood. Adam's a wonderful speaker and paints a vivid picture of his childhood as well as how he came to love the natural world. We hear about his mental health journey including experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. We also find out how he's coping with supporting his autistic brother and his mother who lives with Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia. It's an emotional conversation but it's a hopeful and ultimately positive one too. * LINKS LEWY BODY DEMENTIA HELP FOR SELF HARM - AUTISM - POVERTY ADVICE - MUSIC FOR PLANTS - ALL IN THE MIND - *  Adam's For the Record: Happy Jimmy Eat World - The Middle - Sad Radiohead - True Love Waits - * The Menfulness mantra is #DontManUpSpeakUp and we invite you to join us in kindness, honesty and vulnerability as we navigate life's struggles and move closer to who we want to be. If you're just hearing about us then please visit or find us on all the socials. Please like, comment and share this podcast to make sure we're reaching the people who need us. If you'd like to become a guest, then we'd love to hear from you! Thank you for joining us - We're glad to have you on board.