The Simon Long-est Podcast - Pt 1 - My Journey Through Menfulness

The Menfulness Podcast

06-05-2023 • 59分

Trigger Warning - Suicide

Content Warning - Swearing

Simon Long joins us for part one of the LONGest podcast yet! Simon is a Menfulness expert. He’s been to pretty much all our events, runs a few himself and is an all round lovely chap. This turned into such a long one we decided to split it half! This first episode is going to be great if you’re interested in what we do, what our events are like or how to get involved as well as getting to know Simon. Please be aware we do talk briefly about suicide later in the conversation. We also hear a bit about Simon’s experience and start to learn about how he's now training to help others who are struggling too. Part 2 coming soon!



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The Menfulness mantra is #DontManUpSpeakUp and we invite you to join us in kindness, honesty and vulnerability as we navigate life's struggles and move closer to who we want to be. If you're just hearing about us then please visit or find us on all the socials. Please like, comment and share this podcast to make sure we're reaching the people who need us. If you'd like to become a guest, then we'd love to hear from you! Thank you for joining us - We're glad to have you on board.