Recurrent Miscarriage, PCOS, & Asherman's Syndrome, w/Lisa McCarty(BFP)

Infertility And Me: Stories of Infertility Survivors, IVF, & TTC

02-10-2023 • 51分

Lisa McCarty, a passionate writer and a tireless advocate for women's health and infertility, courageously opens up about her journey, which has been marked by multiple diagnoses, including post-amenorrhea and PCOS. Her story takes a heartbreaking turn as she grapples with secondary infertility, recurrent loss, and the challenging Asherman's Syndrome.

In this emotionally charged conversation, Lisa sheds light on the profound toll infertility has taken on her mental well-being. She candidly discusses the relentless battles with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression that have accompanied her on this arduous path.

For almost a decade, Lisa and her devoted husband were led down a path that ultimately resulted in the miracle of their first child, conceived through the remarkable journey of IVF. This is a story of resilience, love, and unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

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