My 30-Minute Challenge: How to Use ChatGPT to Write a Full Sales Page

The Art of Online Business

25-10-2023 • 34分

Have you ever thought about how AI, like ChatGPT, is changing the way we do business in big ways?

For online course creators, this is huge! It’s not just talk - it really works.

Kwadwo [QUĀ] found out just how powerful it can be. He used ChatGPT to make a sales page, and it took only 30 minutes! Doing this the usual way could take hours, and hiring someone else to do it could cost a lot of money.

In this episode, Kwadwo shares the specific prompts he used with ChatGPT and delves into his process of training the AI to capture his unique voice and style.

It's an enlightening look at how we, as course creators, can guide AI to produce engaging and on-brand content.

If you're interested in downloading the free ChatGPT prompt guide, visit Rick Mulready's website.

Yet, as intuitive as AI might be, the human touch remains irreplaceable. He talks about how important it is to check the work that AI does, making sure it fits his brand and speaks to his audience in just the right way.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Using AI tools like ChatGPT can significantly streamline and automate business processes, saving time and money.
  • Training ChatGPT to write in your tone of voice and style is crucial for achieving the desired output.
  • ChatGPT prompts to create email sequences and upsell pages.

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00:00 - Introduction
01:08 - Quick Sales Page with ChatGPT
04:19 - Analyzing and Training ChatGPT's Tone to Fit your Style
09:51 - ChatGPT Prompts to Optimize your Sales Page Content
11:08 - Importance of Audience Description
13:16 - Crafting a Sales Page with ChatGPT
24:36 - ChatGPT for Course Title Suggestions
28:45 - Using ChatGPT to Streamline Email Campaigns

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