Leverage Social Proof to Boost Sales & Long-Term Brand Success with Brittany Herzberg

The Art of Online Business

22-11-2023 • 53分

Are you looking for ways to boost your brand's credibility, trustworthiness, and long-term success?  We're thrilled to welcome back social proof expert, Brittany Herzberg, for an insightful discussion. Together, we delve into the world of testimonials, case studies, and more.

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This episode goes beyond the realm of reviews, offering you valuable insights into how to effectively leverage social proof for your brand's long-term success. You definitely don't want to miss this!

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00:00 - Introduction
00:00 - About Brittany Herzberg
06:18 - SEO helps your copy get found online
09:19 - Use stories to build instant trust
11:18 - Trust through SEO keywords attracts and convinces
13:07 -Simplify questions and be specific for success
18:58 - Craft case study with SEO, keywords; story format connects with readers
21:37 - SEO + story + social proof = magic marketing combination
25:14 - Optimize content with post-analysis adjustments
27:11 - Notify person, get feedback, update case study
30:27 - Improving social proof through easy testimonials requests
35:19 - Capture audio and transcribe, ask for testimonials
37:42 - No need to dress up for Voxer
42:52 - Email as social proof; positive reinforcement received
45:09 - Blind web developer helps improve website accessibility

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