Playoff rotation plans & roster decisions are coming up for the Blue Jays

Spin Rate: A show about the Toronto Blue Jays

22-09-2022 • 47分

Drew & Ricky talk about some upcoming decisions the Jays will have to make about the Playoff rotation and roster. The guys talk about how it would be ideal for the Jays to be the #1 Wild Card and play as many games as possible at home with the crowd behind them. They talk about what they think the starting rotation could look like and who might be the odd men out. They also talk about what other Playoff roster decisions might need to be make and if anyone from the minors could make a big impact. They discuss the upcoming series this weekend vs the Rays. And Ricky talks about how he would pitch to Aaron Judge if he was still playing. -Follow Drew on Twitter: @DrewGROF -Follow Ricky on Twitter: @Ricky_Ro24 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit