3 games left in the regular season and the Jays hold their Wild Card destiny in their own hands

Spin Rate: A show about the Toronto Blue Jays

03-10-2022 • 56分

Drew & Kaitlyn talk about how the Blue Jays hold all the cards with 3 games left in the season to where they will finish in the Wild Card Standings. Coming off a sweep of the Red Sox, the Jays are have their Wild Card slotting in their own hands. They talk about if Vlad heats up, this offense could be unstoppable in the Playoffs. They break down what they think the Playoff starting rotation would look like. And they break down some of the other options that the team will have to make with the Playoff roster. -Follow Drew on Twitter: @DrewGROF -Follow Kaitlyn on Twitter: @kaitlyncmcgrath Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices