Bo Bichette & the starting rotation are leading the way for the Jays in September

Spin Rate: A show about the Toronto Blue Jays

07-09-2022 • 44分

Drew & Ricky talk about the Jays continuing to play some good ball and are being led by Bo Bichette & the starting rotation. They sweep the Pirates over the weekend and sweep the doubleheader on Monday vs the Orioles. Bichette is just on fire right now and the guys talk about how they needed someone to step up on offense. The starting pitching has really stepped up and they keep putting up solid starts. They talk about the bullpen finding their roles going into September. The discuss the dust up on Tuesday with the Orioles and how the umpires really need to find their way and not be involved. And they talk about the upcoming series in Texas and what to do with the 5th starter spot going forward. -Follow Drew on Twitter: @DrewGROF -Follow Ricky on Twitter: @Ricky_Ro24 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit