Toden Arakawa Line. From Otsuka Station to Arakawa Garage(Short) 都電荒川線。大塚駅前~荒川車庫まで(短編)

Sound in Nature Lite

07-06-2023 • 2分


Otsuka Station - Sugamo Shinden - Koshinzuka - Shinkoshinzuka - Nishigahara - Takinokawa 1-chome - Asukayama - Oji Station - Sakaemachi - Kajiwara - In front of Arakawa Garage(Partially recorded)


* There is also a paid version of "Sound in Nature" which is rich in episodes and has a long version.(Apple podcast only)

ロングバージョンのある有料版「Sound in Nature」もあります。