S2E20 Creating a Sustainably Built Environment

The Healing List Podcast

21-12-2021 • 42分

As a person who was born in Germany, raised in Colombia and lives in New York City, Viviana Addo is truly a global citizen. She’s a real estate executive who has ensured that her work focuses on transparency and supporting local communities. She also hosts the award-winning Growing Cities podcast, which features real estate professionals from all over the world.

In this talk, Addo explains how her global lifestyle has affected her perspective and how she’s ensuring that the real estate industry benefits everyone. She discusses what exactly sustainable properties are and why they’re a major part of building spaces that heal people. And she also explains what it’s like to succeed as a woman in a historically male-dominated industry.

People like Addo are truly the future of real estate. Her focus upon sustainability and transparency may be innovative now, but they’re sure to become standard parts of real estate. Anyone who wants to know the direction that real estate across the world is heading in can learn from this episode.