S2E24 Journey of a Creative

The Healing List Podcast

23-12-2021 • 41分

M is the award-winning creative director of Universal Admedia. Her career spans continents, and she has completed dozens of projects for brands like PLANT Vodka, LeadingRX Solutions and Spruce Peak. Her approach to work is to balance human wants with human needs. Essentially, this means crafting a solution that is practical yet cutting edge. And she hasn’t just done this as a creative director. She started out in architecture, which allowed her to literally and figuratively lay the foundations for so much success.

In this podcast, she elaborates on her exact approach to human-centered design, how she balances creativity with decisiveness, how she manages to overcome blocks to her creativity and much more.

Few people in the world can say that they’ve designed award-winning promotional projects and planned the construction of buildings. This is what makes Aroonrut’s approach to creative projects unique. She can apply the processes she learned as an architect and apply them to client briefs, resulting in products that help as many people as possible. Anyone who wants to learn how to master this process should listen to this episode of The Healing List.