S2E17 A Fulfilling and Meaningful Career

The Healing List Podcast

15-12-2021 • 1時間 11分

As a career counselor and coach, Priscilla Jabouin has helped so many people get out of unhappy jobs and into fulfilling professions. She primarily works with women, but her knowledge applies to all.

Over the course of this episode, Jabouin explains the true cost of staying in an unhappy profession, how the concept of perfection holds people back, how to tell when it’s time to quit your job and so much more. In addition to discussing careers specifically, she also elaborates on how we can use the challenges and tests that the universe throws at us to enhance our souls.

The job market has fluctuated like crazy over the last few years. With what looks like greater stability finally reaching us, there’s never been a better time to learn about how to make the most of your career. If you’re considering a career move or even just want to be able to make the most out of your current career, then this episode is essential listening!