S2E14 Content Creation

The Healing List Podcast

10-12-2021 • 49分

Paris Senpai regularly gets millions of views on TikTok. So many say that social media is full of negativity, but Senpai’s page is full of positivity. But that isn’t to say that she ignores negativity. Instead, many of her most popular posts make fun of negative comments without being mean. So how did she manage these feats?

Over the course of this podcast, Senpai’s approach becomes clear. She explains how she and her sister have worked together to create positive content, how she integrates authenticity into her posts and how she is able to maintain a high level of consistency online. She also elaborates on how she integrates things she likes, like Japanese culture, into her positive posts.

Anyone who is looking for success on social media can benefit from Senpai’s discussion. She shares a range of insights around how she became so popular, all while maintaining an identity of positivity.