Stigma Of Mental Illness

The Healing List Podcast

12-11-2022 • 56分

In 2020, Everitt’s mental health issues had to face the pandemic. To pass the time, Everitt decided that she and her family should start gardening fruits and vegetables. Soon, she was amazed at how much joy she and her children were getting from something so simple. In fact, she found that, despite the state of the world, gardening was making her happier than ever. But then a surprise pregnancy resulted in her neglecting the garden.
After the baby was born, Everitt was keen to start a new garden. She did her research. This time, her garden thrived. She soon started posting images of her plants online, and was pleased to see the overwhelmingly positive responses. Then, one week before Christmas, Everitt’s husband unexpectedly lost his job. Suddenly, the couple found themselves having to live off of much less money and somehow still support a large family. Once more, Everitt was facing huge challenges. But by combining her gardening with social media positivity, she managed to thrive. Listen to this episode to hear Everitt’s story.