S2E15 Healing in Action

The Healing List Podcast

12-12-2021 • 1時間 46分

Few people would imagine that Charles Hew-Len, who has been voted one of Hawaii Business Magazine’s Top 20 Leaders to Watch, had such a hard start to life. As a child, he survived an abusive family and experienced trouble with the law. But he was able to transform both himself and his community.

In this talk, Hew-Len explains his difficult early experiences, how he was able to heal from the trauma, his advice for relationships and how men can become more successful. He also elaborates on his career as a real estate entrepreneur and as a philanthropist.

It can be incredibly difficult to overcome trauma in any form. Anyone who is looking to deal with their trauma could benefit from listening to Hew-Len. He has overcome more strife than most ever know, and now he’s helping people in so many ways.