S2E21 Hope for Future Fathers

The Healing List Podcast

21-12-2021 • 37分

As a doctor who treats patients with sensitive issues, such as erectile dysfunction, Doctor Denise Asafu-Adjei has to have an incredible bedside manner. Thanks to this, and of course her excellent qualifications from UCLA and Carnegie Mellon University, she has been able to thrive in her career. She is no stranger to the podcasting world. On the BlackStarDocs podcast, she highlights to the world what it’s like to be a black female doctor and how more minority women can follow this career path.

In this talk, Dr. Asafu-Adjei explains the challenges that men are facing with sexual health, how lifestyle can impact sexual health, how women can support men who are struggling with sexual health issues and more. She also explains why the medical field needs to continue to diversify, how she’s changing the healthcare industry and gives advice to others who want to pursue careers like hers.

This podcast should appeal to both people who are interested in learning about sexual healthcare solutions and people who want to enter the healthcare industry. And of course, it’s always interesting to hear from the perspective of someone who works in a field that has historically excluded them.