S2E12 Breaking Through Stereotypes

The Healing List Podcast

05-12-2021 • 1時間 5分

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Honolulu-based MK Lani has been using social media to share her uplifting story, motivate people and encourage empowerment, especially with women. Her ability to communicate unfiltered truths has really resonated with people online. Lani’s journey is truly inspirational. She managed to attend college while raising three children and working two jobs. Eventually, she graduated with a master’s degree, despite having to juggle so much responsibility.

This is Lani’s second appearance on The Healing List. In the first episode, she was frank about her experiences of becoming a teen mom and escaping a toxic relationship after 20 years. In this episode, she explains how others can recognize and leave toxic relationships, how she balances the management of a law firm with the promotion of an online persona, how people of color can break negative stereotypes and much more.

As always, Lani’s talk is frank and heartfelt. Anyone who has experienced difficulty or is looking to overcome a hard situation can benefit from listening to this episode of The Healing List.