Gaza Fate in Prophesy. Tucker Carlson Trump’s VP? Yuval Harari’s Hebrew Name SHOCKING AI possessed by demon??

Patriot Radio

15-11-2023 • 55分

Patriot Radio is the BEST stop for the news BEHIND the news from Matt Shea: a Pastor, Attorney, Military Officer, and WA State Representative.

Clay Clark is the founder of and and - He is one of the Nation's leading activists and business leaders, gathering thousands at the Reawaken America Tours.

You won't believe that Hamas, Israel, Gaza, and the war in the middle east are in scripture. Pastor Matt Shea has covered how the book of 2nd Esdras predicts to an astonishing level of detail what's been happening in the world recently. Today, Clay Clark and Matt Shea go into more depth and discuss what's happening with Donald J Trump, Joe Biden, terrorism, Uval Noah Harari, The World Economic Forum, and provide perspectives that you have not heard before!

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