724: Zen and the Art of Disappearing Secondary Characters (Farscape S1E21-22)


17-11-2021 • 1時間 4分

After a little bit of a delay, we have way too much fun wrapping up season one of Farscape. First up, “Bone to Be Wild”, where we discuss where the heck Stark disappeared to after leaving with the crew last episode; how does gravity work on an asteroid; how do Leviathans have their inorganic parts installed; and the fall of Commander Crais and the rise of Scorpius as the big bad for the series. Then we cover the season one finale, “Family Ties”. Where we discuss where the heck one of the guest stars of the last episode disappeared to after leaving with the Peacekeepers; did Rygel really try to sell out the whole crew to save himself; how planning your big escape plan is shown and not skipped over; and some more great character development and interaction that we’ve come to expect from Farscape. Finally, we recap our thoughts about the entire season… the lowlights and the highlights. And that even the lowlights have some bits worth watching… not just because we have to for the podcast. Next time, onward to season two!

Eric Scott and Jason Johnson.