737: Scream Queen (Farscape S3E03-04)


19-10-2022 • 52分

We have our first two parter of season 3 already. And it’s not a happy, fun time for our wayward crew. First up — “Self-Inflicted Wounds (Part 1): Could’a, Would’a, Should’a”. While on their way to a planet that can help Zhaan heal, Moya runs across a wormhole. Before anyone can do anything, a ship comes out of it and materializes part way inside Moya. The crews of both ships work on ways to separate themselves, but it seems the aliens on the other ship have ulterior motives. And we meet our newest crewmember - Jool. Finally in “Self-Inflicted Wounds (Part 2): Wait for the Wheel”, we learn that the aliens are sabotaging Moya so their ship can be the only one to escape the wormhole. Our crew must put their differences of opinions and desires aside to save them all before the aliens’ plans are realized. And one of our crew makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Eric Scott and Jason Johnson.